Name: Suvi Flooring material

Type of floor cowering: Woven vinyl

Constructions: 97 % vinyl, 3 % polyester

Material weight: With backing 3000 g/m2

Tiles 4000 g/m2

Product width: 200 cm

Package: In rolls, length 25-40 m in a roll

Total thickness: 3 mm

Tiles: Size 50 cm x 50 cm

Thickness 4 mm

Corridor carpet: Size 50 cm x 25 m and 70 cm x 25m

Thickness 1 mm (without backing)

Dimensions of a package: 200 cm width, 30 cm diameter (in 25 m roll)

Castor chair resistance: > 25 000 cycles

Usage: All residential areas, light commersials areas (offi ces,

reseption areas, boutiques, coffee houses, etc.)

Inflammability: A2 (fl ) B (fl )

Smoke production: Class S1

Dimensional stability: < 0,03 %

Curling: 0 mm

Thickness loss: 0,02 mm

Underfloor heating: Suitable for installing to a surface with underfl oor heating

Water and dump resistance: Yes - suitable for indoor and outdoor applications